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I'm Sandra louisa

I love art and love to share my passion for the subject with others.

Art for me over the years has not only been a joy but has also kept me focussed and going, through the good times and bad.

It's been something I look forward to and feel inspired about.

Art was always a sideline, painting, commissions and exhibiting.

It felt as though I'd been dipping my toe into the vast subject of art for years and I finally wanted to take the plunge into this ocean.

So I signed up for an art degree (ended up with 2!)

Since then, with support from my lovely husband, I was finally able to put my passion for art at centre stage of my working life.

Today I have a wonderful family and have been teaching art for 15 years, encouraging and inspiring others to pick up the paint brush and make art a part of their lives too.

Let's Get Painting!

What our students are saying


Never before have I received such helpful instruction and encouragement 

Val. R

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