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FREE - Daily Art Tips Series

How to Clean Your Brushes

Top tip on proper cleaning!

How to Look after your Paint Brushes

Look after your brushes and they'll last for years!


How to Learn the Names of Colours

It can take ages but this handy hint will get you in the know super fast!

How to Refill Your Paints

Did you know you could do this?


Watercolour Pans or Tubes?

They both have pros and cons but what are they?​

How to Remove Watercolour Paint

This nifty little trick can get you out of trouble


Taping your Watercolour Paper Down

Why this is a good idea

Top Tip for Mixing Colours

This will reduce wasting paint


Best Way to Set Up Your Art Gear

Get this right and you'll keep your artwork safe

Put Your Colours to The Test

An important habit to get into


Let's Talk Pencils

Get the grades - the right ones for the job

Draw or be Bold and go Straight for Paint?

Why not have a go?


Watercolour Paper

Here's what I use!

Sketchbook Ideas

How do you use your sketchbooks?

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